Right now with one click you can help the National Park Foundation raise up to $600,000 thanks to Lowe’s. Vote every day before January 21st to help. Funds raised will support national park restoration and preservation efforts, connect underserved communities to their parks, and give disadvantaged children the opportunity to experience their national parks for the first time.

The National Park Foundation is the only national nonprofit supporting America’s nearly 400 national parks. From the Grand Canyon to Gettysburg, Yellowstone to Yosemite, the National Park Foundation has supported our national treasures for over 40 years. Together, working hand in hand with the National Park Service, the National Park Foundation protects, preserves and strengthens America's most treasured, scenic and historic places so they may be enjoyed by present and future generations.

The Foundation’s work uniquely connects the American people to their parks, both nationally and locally, through conservation, education and community building grants and programs. From the building of the Flight 93 National Memorial honoring the heroes of 9/11, to hundreds of miles of trail restoration, to turning our national parks into classrooms for students of all ages, the Foundation invests in big, bold initiatives. By doing so, the Foundation invests in a new generation of stewards for America’s national parks. Learn more about the National Park Foundation or donate now.